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  • In order to ensure availability of our courses for the largest number of doctoral candidates, and to ensure the quality of their small size, we limit registrations to three per person per semester. This rule is only for immediately confirmed registrations. You can still request more than three - we’ll just keep the additional ones on the waiting list and confirm with you closer to the time if there’s still a place available. Remember to tell us which ones are your priority!
  • Finally, if you have a confirmed place but later realize you can’t attend due to other obligations, please let us know as quickly as possible – don’t wait for the reminder! The sooner you cancel your registration, the easier it’ll be for us to find someone else to take your place. Remember that non-attendance or repeated cancellations will be penalized.


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Cat. Title Location Lang Speakers Dates Places
COM Techniques respiratoires et corporelles pour s’exprimer avec aisance dans les situations de stress (422) Université de Lausanne FR

Aline Perrin

1573513200 12 novembre 2019 9 / 12
PRO Creating the Job-Hunting Package: Finding Opportunities and Building Applications for Non-Academic Careers (208) University of Neuchâtel EN

Dr Verity Elston

1573599600 13th and 27th November 2019 11 / 12
OGP Self-Management: Increase Your Productivity and Overcome Procrastination (306) University of Lausanne EN

Dr Ulrike Rapp Fitchett

1573772400 15th and 29th November 2019 12 / 12
COM Data Visualization Made Efficient, Beautiful and Memorable (427) University of Neuchâtel EN

Dr Alexandre Pinault

1574031600 18th November 2019 15 / 15
COM Atelier d’écriture (402) Université de Genève FR

Dr Lea Sgier

1574290800 21 et 22 novembre 2019 16 / 18 registration
OGP Développer, présenter, rédiger un projet de recherche (débutant) (314) Université de Neuchâtel FR

Dr Luc Gauthier

1574377200 22 novembre 2019 12 / 18 registration
COM Active Listening Skills (416) University of Geneva EN

Dr Fernanda Salina

1574636400 25th November 2019 10 / 10 registration
ANG How to Write a Research Paper: From Blank Page to Complete Draft (117) Université de Lausanne EN

Dr Kaycie Butler

1574722800 26 novembre 2019 15 / 15 registration
ISC Research Data Management for Junior Researchers (19980506) University of Geneva EN

Dr Audrey Bellier; Eliane Blumer; Jean-Blaise Claivaz

1574722800 26th November 2019 16 / 20 registration
REC Enjeux et techniques de communication scientifique (602) Université de Lausanne FR

Dr Richard-Emmanuel Eastes

1574809200 27 novembre et 4 décembre (webinars) ; 13 décembre 2019 12 / 16 registration
ANG How to Write a Research Paper: From blank page to complete draft (116) University of Geneva EN

Dr Kaycie Butler

1574895600 28 November 2019 15 / 15 registration
OGP Management de projet - cours avancé (324) Université de Lausanne FR

Claude Marguerat

1574895600 28 novembre 2019 9 / 12 registration
OGP Gestion du temps et des priorités (302) Université de Genève FR

Sylvie d'Autheville

1574982000 29 novembre 2019 12 / 12 registration
REC Ma recherche face aux médias : rédiger un communiqué de presse et s’entraîner à l’interview (604) Université de Lausanne FR

Marie-José Auderset

1575241200 2 décembre 2019 10 / 10 registration
COM Proactively Managing Relationships and Networks (409) University of Geneva EN

Dr Tanja Wranik

1575414000 4 and 5 December 2019 13 / 15 registration
COM Negotiation Skills (432) University of Lausanne EN

Dr Fernanda Salina

1575846000 9 décembre 2019 10 / 10 registration
PRO Préparer son dossier de candidature pour des offres d’emploi hors académie (215) Université de Lausanne FR

Stefania D'Onofrio

1576105200 12 décembre 2019 12 / 12 registration
ANG Editing and Revising One’s Own and Other’s Texts for Publication: Academic Writing 3 (106) University of Lausanne EN

Dr Jeanette Regan

1576191600 13th December 2019 10 / 10 registration