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Research and Creativity (431)


26 May 2020 - Online

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Dr Samuel Lagier


Creativity is thought to be associated with the arts, less so with research. Science is perceived as factual, rational and methodical: its process indeed does not leave much room for creativity. Yet where does the hypothesis come from in the first place? How to make sense of data that don't fit the initial hypothesis? How to assemble the pieces of a scientific puzzle to write a coherent research article? Researchers do need a great deal of mental agility, a capacity to navigate complex ideas, the ability to view things from multiple perspectives to succeed. In other words, they need to be creative as an integral part of their work. Where does creativity come from? Can creativity be fostered? This short workshop will start with a discussion on the nature of creativity and the role of intuition in research. Participants will then engage in a series of playful and creative activities to better assess their abilities, gain confidence and understand what promotes and hinders creativity.

At the end of the workshop participants will feel empowered, liberated and refreshed.


Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the session participants will be able to
- stimulate their own creativity
- silence their inner critic
- identify the importance and the limitations of their intuition
- recognize the importance of creativity in their work




Date: Tuesday 26th May 2020

Schedule: 9 am to 11 am

Place: Online


Trainer: Dr Samuel Lagier is a multi-talented scientist who has been practicing research and
improvised comedy for 11 years, 2 disciplines that are wrongly considered unrelated. Samuel
teaches communication to researchers and experts (SamSpeaksScience). He teaches
improvisation and applied improvisation to individuals and corporate clients, and appears on stage
with the improvised comedy group The Renegade Saints (
In his scientific career, Dr Lagier studied sensory perception in the normal and in the schizophrenic
brain, in France, the United States and in Switzerland.



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