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Confidence, Communication, Connections (405)


15 November 2018 - NEW! - COMPLET / FULL

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Rob Thompson


Confidence, communication, connections : The technical skills and conviction to approach difficult conversations and challenge preconceptions.

Difficult conversations are . . . well . . . difficult. Intelligent people are passionate about what they do and their ideas. Challenging those ideas can sometimes be a hard thing to do. Putting off such conversations often leads to an escalation of the problem. This workshop will give you the techniques and the confidence to approach these necessary but difficult conversations.

This flexible workshop will cover:1. Self-awareness and how it is maintained
2. The hidden problems of changing people's attitudes
3. Building and maintaining appropriate confidence
4. Assertiveness without confrontation
5. The different types of difficult people and how to deal with them

The workshop is open to people from all disciplines and all stages of their PhD.


Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this training course participants will be able to:
· analyse people's behaviour in order to judge the most effective method to approach each interaction;
· manage the process of changing the minds and attitudes of the people they work with and for;

· control their own self-confidence to make approaching interactions easier.


Preparatory Work:

Participants will be polled before the workshop to determine their specific areas of interest. The questions should take no more than 30 minutes to answer.


University of Lausanne


Date: Thursday 15th November 2018

Schedule: 9 am to 5 pm

Place: University of Lausanne




Rob Thompson has worked both in industry and with research scientists. He has over 12 years of experience helping groups and individuals to improve their interpersonal relationships and advance their careers.

By combining his extensive knowledge of people-management with his experience of training and leading groups, Rob gives workshops to help intelligent people optimise their working relationships and increase their skills.


Participants are eligible for reimbursement of incurred travel expenses by train between the city of their university and the location of the workshop (half-fare card, 2nd class). A reimbursement form will be supplied to all registered participants for this workshop.



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