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[ANNULÉ 18980429] [ANNULÉ 18980429] Innovation through SMART Collaboration (429)


20 June 2018

Lang EN Workshop language is English

Dr Dimitrije Krstic


Interdisciplinary teamwork is becoming a key concept for science and research in the 21st century. In addition to accelerating productivity, building-up motivation and self-esteem of all team members, teamwork and SMART collaborations are also most potent drivers of creativity and innovation in business. This workshop will provide participants knowledge and easy to implement techniques to boost their innovation and creativity at the workplace by properly utilizing the collective intellectual potential of their peers, mentors, but also friends and connections.
In other words, at the end of the workshop the participants will know how to actively create a fruitful environment allowing for new breakthroughs instead of waiting for right circumstances to happen, a skill highly valued by any employer.


1. Understand the concepts of creativity, innovation, and invention
2. Learn how to promote key drivers that increase creativity and innovation potential
3. Become able to engage in and profit from SMART collaborations
4. Practice a technique of effective brainstorming in teams
5. Practice a technique of collaborative problem solving
6. Implement the acquired knowledge to their current projects


University of Fribourg



Date: Wednesday, 20th June 2018

Schedule: 9:15 to 17:15

Location: University of Fribourg


Dr. Krstic obtained his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the University of Zurich, and went through an intensive postdoctoral training in Switzerland and USA. Subsequently, he has finished Masters in Human Resource Management at Edinburgh Business School in UK, and has worked for two years as a Scientific Talent Development Manager at an EU funded training project AREA. Dr. Krstic currently works as a project manager in IT industry, and delivers transferable skills workshops for research institutions in Switzerland.

Dr. Krstic combines an extensive research experience in life sciences and in-depth understanding of human resource development processes to provide fun, interactive, and informative learning experiences. One of the outcomes of his professional interest is also an open-access project for promotion of soft skills development among researchers






Participants are eligible for reimbursement of incurred travel expenses by train between the city of their university and the location of the workshop (half-fare card, 2nd class). A reimbursement form will be supplied to all registered participants for this workshop.



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