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Managing tensions, disagreements and conflicts in the workplace (410)


18 June 2018

Lang EN Workshop language is English

Dr Tanja Wranik


Difficult relationships, disagreements, and conflicts are a normal part of working life, and learning how to manage them a crucial skill. This is especially true in the research environment where competition can be fierce, and where relationships with thesis supervisors are uniquely co-dependent. Unfortunately, most people only realize the importance of these skills when they find themselves caught in a situation they cannot deescalate or manage effectively, and especially when the situation has negative consequences for their work quality and/or well being.

This workshop is designed for doctoral candidates who feel "stuck" in a difficult relationship situation. In particular, we will examine why some relationships can become difficult and how individual differences in communication and collaboration practice may increase misunderstandings and distrust. Based on the cases and examples brought to the workshop, we will then experiment different tools and techniques in how to handle them. Finally, we will discuss what to do if a difficult relationship becomes a conflict which cannot be resolved by the doctoral candidate. The skills from this workshop should also provide participants with insights on how to more rapidly manage difficult situations in the future.

The workshop will be interactive, and based on the cases and examples brought by the students. We will use role playing and concrete examples to try different approaches and techniques. Participants should leave with numerous concrete ideas on how to approach a relationship challenge and be willing to try different methods to achieve success.


Language: the workshop will be held in English, but we can manage some of the cases in French or German, depending on the language of the participant.

Timing: the workshop will be held in the afternoon and early evening in order to facilitate participation.


University of Geneva


Date: Monday 18th June 2018

Time: 1 pm to 8 pm

Location: University of Geneva



Tanja Wranik started her career in human resources and business communication in Germany and Belgium before obtaining a scholarship to pursue a doctoral degree in work and organizational psychology at the University of Geneva. During this time she specialized in organizational behavior, emotional competence, and behavioral economics while working as a researcher and lecturer at the Swiss Center for the Affective Sciences in Geneva, Switzerland and Yale University in the USA. Tanja is a consultant in strategic organizational development, a certified work and organizational psychologist, FSP, and a certified business and leadership coach, PCC, ICF. She also teaches in several university and business school MBA and MAS programs. See


Participants are eligible for reimbursement of incurred travel expenses by train between the city of their university and the location of the workshop (half-fare card, 2nd class). A reimbursement form will be supplied to all registered participants for this workshop.



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