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Let’s Boost your profile: how to use Social Media to your professional advantage (210)


13 September 2018 - NEW! - COMPLET / FULL

Lang EN Workshop language is English

Maura Hannon


An increasingly global employment market, combined with short-term employment contracts, means professionals need to look at their career as if they are running their own business. Social Media is a powerful tool to develop a professional brand, establish a research space, disseminate work and network your way through a career.

Participants will learn how to use Social Media to develop a professional profile:

- In and outside of an academic context- In a more focussed and effective way.


Workshop content:

The workshop comprises three sessions.

Sessions One and Three are fixed topics. Session Two will be one of three topics determined through voting before the workshop. The topic with the most votes will be the focus area for that workshop.


Session One (fixed): How to develop a professional profile and how it differs from your personal profile.

Session Two

1. Build a strategy:

a. Which platforms work best for me

b. Reach, followers, engagement or sharing?

c. Working with a theme funnel

d. Identifying and using hashtags.

2. Generate great content:
a. Breaking complex topics down

b. Bringing 'emotion' into your work

c. How to write posts that get read.

3. Curate content and influencers:
a. Where to find relevant content

b. Sharing content

c. Networking influencers
d. Becoming an influencer, yourself.

Session Three

1. Social Media within an institution

2. What do to when it all goes wrong

3. Copywrite, patents and privacy

4. Ethical considerations.


Learning outcomes:

At the end of the workshop, participants will have skills to:

1. Manage a professional profile

2. Boost their Social Media presence

3. Confidently work within the parameters of an institution.

Pedagogical methods

The workshop will invite participants to work individually, in small groups and actively participate in group discussions.

: Students should have an English proficiency of B1 or higher.

Preparatory Work
Participants should vote for one topic that interests them one week before the workshop.


University of Neuchâtel


Date: Thursday 13th September 2018

Place: University of Neuchâtel

Schedule: from 9 am to 1 pm


The Trainer:

Maura Hannon has built a career writing, editing and translating a range of works in diverse fields such as social media, banking, automotive and consumer products. Maura works regularly with Swiss social media communication companies, and with a range of companies to develop and bring content online.



Les frais de voyage en train sont remboursés sur la base du tarif en 2ème classe 1/2 entre la ville de l'Université d'attache et le lieu du cours. Le formulaire de demande de remboursement sera fourni aux participant-e-s inscrit-e-s à l'atelier.



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