Our workshops are open to anyone currently registered as a doctoral candidate with one of the CUSO member universities. Priority registration is given to members of one of the CUSO doctoral programs. Consequently, and in order to register for one of our workshops, you should first of all see whether a CUSO doctoral program is relevant to your scientific interests. Please review the list at https://www.cuso.ch/programmes-doctoraux. With regard to the Transversal Program, membership of a CUSO doctoral program gives you a "myCUSO" login with which you can register directly for our activities. Requesting membership of a CUSO doctoral program is done entirely online - please see the relevant doctoral program’s web pages.


Please write to us immediately at [email protected] so that we can discuss the length of your absence with you and the trainer. In most cases, a short absence of half an hour or so will be accepted (although an absence at the very beginning of the workshop is very disruptive!). Given the very intensive - and often very interactive - nature of our workshops however, we normally ask that participants are there and fully present (not working behind a laptop screen!) for the full period.

For the online workshops, the trainer will inform the Transversal Program Secretariat about your precences/absences. In case of last-minute impediment, we invite you to inform us directly via email ([email protected]).

If some places are still available a few days before a workshop and if you would like to attend, please contact us via email. Whenever possible, we will provide you with a confimation and with further information. Please note that anyone who participate in a Transversal Program workshop without our consent will be penalised with a registration restriction for the next semester.

The Transversal Programme workshops are made available by the CUSO member universities for the exclusive purpose of providing training in generic skills for their currently registered doctoral candidates. We are unable to allow the participation of doctoral candidates from any other institution, under any circumstances.

The CUSO doctoral programs are open to anyone registered as a doctoral candidate in a CUSO university. They are a different thing to the internal doctoral programs run within the universities: membership does not affect your registration as a doctoral candidate, it is not obligatory, and is not degree-awarding. The CUSO doctoral programs are intended as a program of activities available to doctoral candidates within the same scientific domain, and across the member and partner institutions - providing opportunities for learning and for meeting researchers in your area. They are supplementary to - not a replacement of - any structure you might already be registered within. (What gets called a ’doctoral school’ or ’doctoral programme’ can vary greatly across institutions and even across faculties - it’s not always easy to spot the difference!)

If you are a PhD student from one of the CUSO member universities (UNIFR, UNIGE, UNIL, UNINE) or from a partner university (IHEID) and if there isn't a CUSO doctoral program that suits your research interests, you can write to us at [email protected] and we will add you to our internal list. You will receive a password that will allow you to register for the workshops, retrieve your certificates of participation and request reimbursement of your travel expenses. When you register, we will place your request on a waiting list (please note that the members of doctoral programs are given priority), and if a space is still available within 3-4 weeks before the workshop begins, we will contact you to confirm your registration. We will do our best to confirm your place, but be aware that this is not always possible for the most popular workshops. Registering in our internal list also allows you to receive (as all members of the CUSO doctoral programs), the announcement of the opening of registrations for the Transversal Program workshops at the beginning of each semester.

The CUSO transversal program is intended for currently registered doctoral candidates only. We recommend first of all that you check within your own institution to ensure that the training you seek is not already available to you there (Relève académique, HR, faculty, language center, etc.). Women researchers with university affiliation should also try the Regard training program ( http://www.unifr.ch/regard/en/enbref/presentation )


Many of you are used to having coffee and tea and fruit juice (with a croissant!) provided in the organization of an activity by a CUSO doctoral program. There is a significant cost involved in this organization, more than just the price of the cup of coffee! The Transversal Program operates differently to your CUSO doctoral program. Our goal is to provide as many workshops as we can within the budget limits the universities provide us - while doing so from a distance. To do that, we’ve decided not to pay the additional cost of catering. We still encourage you to take the opportunity to meet people from other scientific disciplines and universities: even if the cost isn’t included in your reimbursement, participants at our workshops still grab a coffee together!