Please send us an email at [email protected], stating the name of the workshop and its date (or reply to the reminder email). We will confirm the cancellation with you.

We understand that doctoral candidates (a) are human beings, and (b) don’t always have a choice in last-minute obligations. We however need you to tell us as soon as you realize you won’t be able to attend. This is in order to (a) take care of the administrative aspects, (b) allow the trainer time to adapt the content as they need, and (c) see if we can give the place for someone on the waiting list. In most circumstances, you won’t be penalized. We do however reserve the right to bar anyone who frequently cancels at the last minute, and we will restrict registration for anyone who is absent from a workshop without letting us or the trainer know! Despite all our efforts, nearly 10% of registered participants don’t show up to workshops: this means a place left empty that someone else could have taken, and material the trainer has prepared that is wasted. Remember that the CUSO universities have made these workshops available free of charge to you their doctoral candidates and significant resources in time, thought and money go into organizing such small-group intensive training. We ask in return that you do your utmost to keep the day free, act professionally, and attend as expected.