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  • Don’t hesitate to request registration for a workshop that’s already marked as full. Waiting lists operate for every date, and we do our best to give everyone the opportunity.
  • In order to ensure availability of our courses for the largest number of doctoral candidates, and to ensure the quality of their small size, we limit registrations to three per person per semester. This rule is only for immediately confirmed registrations. You can still request more than three - we’ll just keep the additional ones on the waiting list and confirm with you closer to the time if there’s still a place available. Remember to tell us which ones are your priority!
  • Finally, if you have a confirmed place but later realize you can’t attend due to other obligations, please let us know as quickly as possible – don’t wait for the reminder! The sooner you cancel your registration, the easier it’ll be for us to find someone else to take your place. Remember that non-attendance or repeated cancellations will be penalized.


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Cat. Title Location Lang Speakers Dates Places
EXP Questionnez-nous! --- Q&A Date! En ligne

Dr Caroline Betto-Collaird ; Dr Ilaria Orsi

1670194800 5 décembre 2022 0 / 30 registration
PRO Prepare Your Application File for Roles Beyond Academia (206) University of Lausanne EN

Luca Allaria

1670454000 8 December 2022 14 / 15
ISC Conception et réalisation de posters scientifiques (599)



Dolorès Bertrais ; Carinne Domingos

1674428400 23 et 30 janvier 2023 11 / 15 registration
ANG Presenting Your Research in English (199) University of Fribourg EN

Ann Humpry-Baker

1674601200 25 January and 8 February 2023 10 / 10 registration
OGP Agile Project Management for Research (399) University of Lausanne EN

Dr Thomas Teichler

1677625200 1 and 2 March 2023 11 / 16 registration