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Performing in the Storm: From Feeling Overwhelmed to Feeling at Choice (701)


22 January 2024

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Dr Thomas Teichler


As a doctoral candidate or researcher, you may face an increasing demand on your time: there is a continuous flow of tasks, emails, and meetings calling for your immediate attention next to your own ambitious projects.

All this may result in unrealistic expectations about what can be achieved in a day. Eventually, even high performers struggle to stay motivated and to deliver and end up depleted until, inevitably, performance will drop. Then it is important to rebound quickly.

Our Workouts are highly experiential and intensive. You work on your own life situation. Therefore, we ask you to bring a story to share that is relevant to the topic. In each Workout, you will learn how to shift your mindset, acquire one or two state-of-the-art techniques for your self-management, and create a practice that will help you to navigate stressful situations in the future. They workouts two and half hours and are limited to 18 participants. Every Workout is a standalone training that can be taken without attending the other Workouts.


The first Workout will help you to get out of the feeling of being overwhelmed by your tasks.

By the end of the Workout, you will:

- Be able to recognize a situation in which you feel overwhelmed

- Know what specific factors trigger the overwhelm

- Acquire two simple yet effective tools to manage the situation in a new way: the choice mindset and the circle of influence. These two tools will help you to prioritize and to take decisions.






Date: Wednesday 22nd January 2024

Schedule: 2 pm to 4:30 pm

Place: Online, on Zoom



Dr Thomas Teichler is a certified Co-active coach, trainer and consultant on leadership, team development, and change management. After a few years with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants he set up his own market research and coaching business, before writing a PhD about science cooperation in the high-tech and security sector at the European University Institute in Florence. As a policy consultant Thomas worked for the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research at Manchester Business School in the UK and for Technopolis Group in Germany. He advised the European Commission, national governments and international organizations on research and innovation policy. He trains doctoral students and post-docs at universities in Switzerland and Germany, as well as the Max Planck Society.





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