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Data Visualization Made Efficient, Beautiful and Memorable (424)


11 octobre 2024

Lang EN Workshop language is English

Dr Alexandre Pinault


While most of us learnt to read a graphic in high school, some of us feel lost when it comes to creating satisfactory data visualizations for our research and publication objectives. Nowadays, scientists from all fields and disciplines are confronted with various datasets and there is a pressing need for tools and training to better communicate these data visually.

This workshop aims to provide the basics of data visualization theory and the best practices for illustrating data. Through exercises and examples, you will be guided in looking at your data from a new perspective and in rethinking the overall communication of your results.

By dissecting the visual grammar, this workshop will give you the keys to creating your graphics quicker and make them more efficient so that you take less time to explain your data and have more time to discuss your results.

Finally, this workshop is a unique opportunity to exchange with colleagues from different faculties and universities and discover their tools, strategies and best practices.


Contenu de l'atelier

  • Introduction
    • Visual communication
  • About Data
    • Data Acquisition
    • The Nature and Type of Data
    • The Complexity of Data
    • Data Model
    • Data Analysis & statistics
  • Data Visualisation
    • Made Efficient…
      • Picking the best plot type – which one to choose
      • Exploring Data Visually
      • Aggregating Data
    • Made Beautiful…
      • Choosing Colors
      • Adapting the Scale
      • Understanding Visual Hierarchy
      • Learning the basic principles of graphic design
    • Made Memorable…
      • Combining Data Visualisations
      • Staying Consistent
      • Seeing and Showing the Big Picture
  • Technical considerations and best practices
  • Data Visualisation Tools and options
  • Exercises & examples


Workshop objectives :

  • Discover and learn the basics of data analysis for visualisation purposes
  • Deep dive into the principles and theories of data visualisation
  • Re-think the overall visual communication of analyses and experiment results
  • Improve existing visualisation
  • Get a good overview of the tools and techniques available for data visualisation



  • Based on examples (good/bad practices – comparison before/after) and on exercises.
  • Bring your own computer if possible.



Two weeks prior to the workshop, each participant is asked to send at least 2 graphics or data visualisations that they use for their research. These visuals need to be described by a legend. In addition, each participant needs to answer a short form describing their motivation and current practices.



For PhD students of all faculties and fields who wish to improve their data visualisation skills. Ideally students who have already collected some data.






University of Geneva


Date : Friday 11th October 2024

Place : University of Geneva

Schedule : 9:15 am to 5:15 pm



Dr Alexandre Pinault, Big Bang Brain - Creative Media, is a scientific mediator and video maker. During his academic career (PhD Neurosciences), he developed effective teaching and science communication and disemination skills that he put to use at the Musée de la Main (Lausanne) and at L'Éprouvette (UniL). His profile mixes audiovisual art, animation, design and special effects with extensive knowledge in the fields of science and medicine. Images and storytelling are also the core of the heart of his activity within "Neuracademia", an association for science vulgarization with focus on brain-related themes.






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