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Prepare Your Application for Roles Beyond Academia (206)


12 April 2024

Lang EN Workshop language is English

Luca Allaria


The objective of the workshop is to provide Ph.D. students interested in applying for roles outside academia – with a specific focus on the private sector – with the key elements for writing an effective CV and a compelling Cover Letter.

During the workshops we will cover:

• How to write a cover letter and a CV

• Exercises to highlight your skills in the letter and analyze a job offer to develop a CV specific to the employer's expectations

• A correction of the application file of each participant
Workshop content

The different types of CV, when using one versus another, how to evaluate competencies, transferable skills, and how to present effective results.

How to write a cover letter.

Learning outcomes

How to write a CV and a Cover letter for non-academic roles.

English Level: C1 minimum

Preparatory Work

Have completed a thorough reflection on your aspiration and your transferable skills (for instance via the participation of one of the CUSO Transversal Program workshops : Design Your Career ; Elaborer mon profil professionnel ; Atelier Transfronatlier/Cross Border Workshop ; Les compétences transférables : comprendre, reconnaître, s'orienter, valoriser...).
- If you have a real job offer please make sure to bring it with you during the workshop.
- The job offer must be for a non-academic position (no postdoc or other position in academic research).




University of Lausanne


Date: Friday 12th April 2024

Schedule: from 9 am to 5:30 pm

Place: University of Lausanne



Luca Allaria has worked for 15+ years in the Biomedical industry, in both large and medium-sized companies. In his career, Luca has experience in marketing, sales, education, and clinical research. In his international experience, he has been involved in multiple recruitment processes, both with and without the support of headhunters. He is also cooperating with LHH – a world leader in the outplacement sector – in supporting professionals in finding new job opportunities. He is also one of the Career Advisors at the University of St. Gallen – MBA Program.

He holds an MS in Biomedical Engineering and an Executive Master's in Business Administration (EMBA) from the IMD Business School in Lausanne. He is also certified as an Education Manager/Director and has taken multiple training courses in communication and recruitment. He is also a certified professional coach (PCC) by ICF (International Coach Federation).




Participants are eligible for reimbursement of incurred travel expenses by train between the city of their university and the location of the workshop (half-fare card, 2nd class).



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