Exposure Science Film Hackathon

Un événement, un cours, une expérience unique!
An event, a course, a unique experience!

Par petits groupes formés pour l'occasion, apprenez et réalisez en trois jours un court-métrage sur un sujet scientifique (toutes disciplines!).
With a specially built small team, learn how to make your own short film about the research subject of your choice (all disciplines!).

Du 30 novembre au 2 décembre 2018/ 30th November-2nd December 2018

Amphipôle building, Université de Lausanne,

Pour en savoir plus et vous inscrire (avant le 26 octobre)  www.exposurehackathon.com
Learn more and apply (deadline: 26th October):  www.exposurehackathon.com

Course description:
Exposure Science Film Hackathon is a course developed to make scientists better communicators using the medium of film. Participants will explore the use of narrative and film to make complex scientific ideas accessible to the public. Over the three days, teams of four, made up of scientists and artists, will choose a subject, write a story and create a short film. They are supported in this process by seminars that will educate and inspire. A few days after the films will be shown to the public in an evening of science cinema! During this event the participants have the opportunity to engage with the public who will vote for their favourite film and prizes will be awarded to the winning films.

The course is free but due to limited places participation is assessed on answers in the application (so take your time!). All food is provided over the intense three days and attendance at all three days is essential. More information including the dates for upcoming events can be found on the Exposure Science Film Hackthon website.

Application deadline: 26th October www.exposurehackathon.com


Cet événement ne fait pas partie des programmes CUSO, mais est soutenu et sponsorisé par la CUSO.
This event is not part of CUSO programs, but it is supported and sponsored by CUSO