IMPORTANT: coronavirus epidemic

The outbreak of CoVID-19 (coronavirus) is far from over. The activities of doctoral programs are of course affected. However, they are gradually resuming at the end of August. Some activities may be offered online, others will have an adapted format. In all cases, we will ensure that health prescriptions are respected, for the safety of all. Thank you for your collaboration and understanding.




Flyer2016 enThe transversal programme is intended for doctoral candidates enrolled in any of the CUSO doctoral programmes. It offers a diverse range of workshops to help you develop your transferable skills - the skills that will be essential for your doctoral studies, but above all to best prepare for your entry into the professional world. Our Modules page explains the themes of our workshops in greater detail. On our Activities and Previous Activities pages, you will find the descriptions and registration links for workshops offered in the current semester (January-June, August-December). The Resources page provides links to training organised by other services or institutions, as well as other sites of use for your professional development. If you have any questions, please check first on our FAQ!




Have your say! Would you like to take part in the development of the transversal programme? Doctoral candidates form an essential part of our steering group and we'd be happy to welcome you as a member. Please contact us.


Steering Group 


Prof Bastien Chopard, UNIGE

Prof Olivier Graefe, UNIFR

Prof Corinne Rossari, UNINE

Prof Ian Sanders, UNIL


Ms Liliane Céleste Broye, UNIL

Ms Loanne Janin, UNINE

Ms Frédérique Leresche, UNIGE

Mr Simon Thuillard, UNIFR


Dr Marika Fenley, UNINE

Dr Marie Lambert, UNIFR

Dr Mallory Schaub-Geley, UNIGE

Dr Emmanuel Sylvestre, UNIL