Modules and orientation

Welcome to our orientation page !

Please find below the overview of the Transversal Program complete offer, as well as some orientation guidances and advices based on your thesis progress and on your practical needs.

Their purpose is to help you in determining possible trajectories for each module and to suggest possible coherent tracks for your professional development.

However, each doctoral path is unique, and you are the only person aware of your particular needs : do not hesitate to register, no matter your thesis status is.

The peculiarity of each academic path and the autonomy of choices are fundamental pillars to guarantee the richness and the depth of knowledge.

The generic skills workshops are offered in eight key themes: ANG, ISC, OGP, COM, REC, PRO, EXP and MT180. Learn more by exploring each theme’s table and interactive pie below.


Module: ANG

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Scientific and Academic English - ANG - These workshops focus on specific aspects of English and do not teach basic skills. A good command of English is therefore required (levels B1 or B2). The workshops cover skills such as scientific writing in English or how to prepare a scientific presentation.

  Beginning Middle End
ANG Social and Professional Interaction in English: face-to-face communication at conferences and events  
Conference & Seminar Skills: Presenting Your Research in English  
Structure your writing well in English  
Abstract writing workshop  
Academic Writing 1 Academic Writing 2  
    Editing and Revising Texts
  How to Write a Research Paper: from blank page to complete draft
Writing in English Speaking in English

Module: ISC

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Scientific Information - ISC - These workshops explore the digital resources available to search, process and storage of scientific information in the rapidly and constantly evolving environment of research technologies.


  Beginning Middle End
ISC Doctorat efficace: recherche, utilisation, et gestion des publications scientifiques  
Information Literacy for your PhD: successfully search, use and manage scientific publications  
Research data management for junior researchers  
  Introduction to LaTeX  
  Conception et réalisation de posters scientifiques  
  Mastering the Publication Process to Promote Your Scientific Career
Publishing my results Managing my data and references

Module: OGP

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Organization, Management and Planning - OGP -  Learn how to conduct and lead a project, manage your time and skills, and how to plan realistically. These are essential skills not only for the successful completion of your thesis, but also for your future professional career.

* = This workshop is recommanded for the SSH PhD students.

  Beginning Middle End
OGP Getting Things Done: gérez mieux votre temps  
Getting Things Done: Time Management and Productivity  
Your PhD in Context  
Navigating the doctoral journey  
Introduction au management de projet  
Fundamentals of Project Management for Research Agile Project Management for Research
Thesis Writing Workshop*
  Manage Your Scientific Writing
  Effective grant Writing for Young Scientists
  Développer un budget de recherche
Funding my research Managing my projects Improving my self- organization

Module: COM

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Communication - COM - These workshops will help you to develop oral and written communication skills. Such skills are important for the dissemination of your research and sharing your knowledge.


  Beginning Middle End
COM Proactively managing relationships and networks  
Employer les outils journalistiques pour rédiger un résumé  
Active Listening Skills
Negotiation Skills
Prendre du recul et surmonter les obstacles avec Palo Alto
Techniques respiratoires et corporelles pour s'exprimer avec aisance dans les situations de stress
Let's create your blog together
Creative approaches and Drawing
Atelier d'écriture  
Design Thinking for Research: How to Be More Productive, Creative and Confident  
  Visual Thinking for Doctoral Researchers  
  Prise de parole en public  
  Engage, Inform, Inspire: Bringing Your Presentation Skills to the Next Level  
  10 principes de base pour visualiser et illustrer des résultats ou concepts qualitatifs  
  Data visualization made efficient, beautiful and memorable  
  Conduire et participer à des réunions
  Réaliser une capsule vidéo de trois minutes
  Storytelling for researchers
  Video Journalism for Researchers
  Emotional intelligence for a successful academic or non-academic carrer
Visualization my research Working with others Writing Presenting

Module: REC

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Research and Society - REC - These workshops reflect on issues of ethics, epistemology and the politics of research.


  Beginning Middle End
REC   Ma recherche face aux médias
  Les clés d'une communication scientifique percutante
Comprendre et exploiter les outils d'intelligence artificielle
Connecting with society

Module: PRO

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Professional Planning - PRO - These workshops aim to prepare you for life after the thesis. They will help you in becoming aware of the range of skills that you have acquired as a doctoral student and how you can make the most of these in a CV, a portfolio or a letter of motivation.

* = This workshop is recommanded for the SSH PhD students.

  Beginning Middle End
PRO Élaborer mon profil professionnel: aspirations, motivations et compétences transversales  
Your Professional Profile: Values, Goals and Skills  
  Let's boost your LinkedIn profile
  Dossier de candidature scientifique SSH*
  Préparer son dossier de candidature pour des offres d'emploi hors académie
  Design your life
  Le réseautage à ta manière
  Managing the Transition: Clarifying, designing and presenting your career after the PhD
  Prepare and conduct an effective interview for non-academic career
  Réussir mon entretien d'embauche
  Prepare your application for roles beyond academia
Preparing my interviews Building my professionnal profile Preparing my applications

Module: EXP

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Express - EXP - These workhops provide some practical and effective tools to overcome concrete difficulties and to improve the work routine. These activities take place entirely online and over a short period of time (±two hours).


  Beginning Middle End
EXP Renforcez vos compétences transférables  
Smart Productivity Workshop
Performing in the Storm
Design Your Future
Express (online workshop)

Module: MT180

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My Thesis in 180 seconds - MT180 - These workshops aim to help you in preparing your performance for the local and national final competitions of My Thesis in 180 seconds. This is a science communication competition for French-speaking PhD candidates. These activities are intended only for the doctoral students registered in the competition.


  Beginning Middle End
MT180   Présenter sa thèse en 180 secondes : la préparation et l'écriture du texte
  Une image pour 180 secondes : les clés de la communication visuelle pour scientifiques
  Présenter son travail en 3 minutes : au-delà des mots, la performance
  Posture, respiration, voix: vos atouts pour conquérir votre auditoire
Presenting my research in 180 secondes