CUSO Workshops

The generic skills workshops are offered in six fields:

Communication - COM - These workshops will help you to develop oral and written communication skills. Such skills are important for the dissemination of your research and sharing your knowledge.

Organization, Management and Planning - OGP -  Learn how to conduct and lead a project, manage your time and skills, and how to plan realistically. These are essential skills not only for the successful completion of your thesis, but also for your future professional career.

Professional Planning - PRO - These workshops aim to prepare you for life after the thesis. They are concerned primarily with your realisation of the range of skills that you have acquired as a doctoral student and how you can make the most of these in a CV, a portfolio or a letter of motivation.

Scientific and Academic English - ANG - These workshops focus on specific aspects of English and do not teach basic skills. A good command of English is therefore required (levels B1 or B2). The workshops cover skills such as scientific writing in English or how to prepare a scientific presentation.

Scientific Information- ISC - These workshops explore the digital resources available to search, process and classify information in the rapidly and constantly evolving environment of research technologies.

Research and Society - REC - These workshops reflect on issues of ethics, epistemology and the politics of research.