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Please send us an email at [email protected], stating the name of the workshop and its date (or reply to the reminder email). We will confirm the cancellation with you.

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First, make sure you are logged in with your myCUSO login. You have two ways to request registration for a workshop: (1) From the main Activities page, click on the registration icon on the far right column for the workshop you want to attend. (2) From the workshop’s description page, click on the "registration" link. You will receive an immediate receipt by email to say that your request has been received. We will process your request as quickly as possible and send you an email to confirm your registration or to let you know you are on the waiting list.

Please see first the "Participation" questions for the advantages of joining a CUSO doctoral program, and for what to do if you are not sure whether or not to become a member. If you are already registered on our internal list, you can send us an email ([email protected]), specifying the name and date of the activity you would like to attend. On condition that you are a currently registered doctoral candidate with one of our member institutions, we will put you on the waiting list. For the less popular workshops, we are usually able to confirm your place, and occasionally for the more popular activities. This process begins one month before the date of the workshop: if a place is still available, we will contact you to confirm your registration. We encourage you to note the date in your diary from the outset.

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The Transversal program is intended to provide training for doctoral candidates coming from all the CUSO member and partner universities. This can mean a journey of nearly two hours for some participants, just to get to the location of the workshop! We also need to find the best balance of locations, taking into account the availability of our trainers and rooms. Keeping our workshops short and intensive (from 1/2 day to 2-day maximum, exceptionally 3) means that participants have a minimum time to take out of their research and ordinary obligations, while making sure they get the maximum out of their time.

If you need some help in determining possible trajectories to find possible coherent tracks for your professional development, please visit this webpage: https://competences.cuso.ch/en/orientation

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Our workshops are open to anyone currently registered as a doctoral candidate with one of the CUSO member universities. Priority registration is given to members of one of the CUSO doctoral programs. Consequently, and in order to register for one of our workshops, you should first of all see whether a CUSO doctoral program is relevant to your scientific interests. Please review the list at https://www.cuso.ch/programmes-doctoraux. With regard to the Transversal Program, membership of a CUSO doctoral program gives you a "myCUSO" login with which you can register directly for our activities. Requesting membership of a CUSO doctoral program is done entirely online - please see the relevant doctoral program’s web pages.


Please write to us immediately at [email protected] so that we can discuss the length of your absence with you and the trainer. In most cases, a short absence of half an hour or so will be accepted (although an absence at the very beginning of the workshop is very disruptive!). Given the very intensive - and often very interactive - nature of our workshops however, we normally ask that participants are there and fully present (not working behind a laptop screen!) for the full period.

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Your signature is treated as guarantor for your reimbursement: if we do not have your signature, we will not be able to reimburse you. In the case of a two-day or a three-day workshop, you should make sure you sign the attendance sheet on each day.

No. You have to use the online system.

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