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1. CUSO Workshops



The autumn schedule of activities will be published at the beginning of August!
If you are a member of a CUSO doctoral programme, or are signed up directly with the skills programme, you will receive an email as soon as the schedule is open for registration.

To register, please click on  in the "Registrations" column and complete the form.  

As the number of CUSO doctoral program members has grown, so has the popularity of the transferable skills program's courses. In order to ensure availability of our courses to the widest number of members, and to ensure the quality of their small size, we limit registrations to three per person per semester. Any additional requests for registration will be placed on a waiting list. If any places remain in the weeks prior to the course, they will be allocated to those on the waiting list. You should also note that repeated cancellations or non-attendance will be penalized.

For any questions or if you don't have a myCUSO account, please send an email to the programme.

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